At the age of 4; singing Elvis, wiggling his hips and playing the part. His parents would put him on the table so he could perform for their relatives and friends. At a very early age Terry became comfortable and enjoyed performing. His parents listened to country music which gave Terry a country foundation. While growing up through the 60's, the Beatles and the whole rock ‘n roll movement became incorporated in Terry’s music. Terry never took any music lessons, he absorbed everything musical… by just writing, learning, singing, playing and playing in bands. Terry was born in Seattle, and had that Seattle Rock music sound built into him during his adolescence. Crossing over and mellowing with age, Terry added a slight country feel to his rock music, so now there is a nice blend of musical genres that comes with age where his entire musical influences meld together to create a unique sound composition. Terry’s passion was all about song writing, putting out the right song. Terry’s philosophy “A song can come in minutes, weeks, months… and it can be so beautiful when it is done… then you want to share it with people, and that is the goal, to share something beautiful”. Terry lives on a horse ranch, when he isn’t creating music, you may find him enjoying his chores and loving his horses.